NOVAtime Technology, Inc. ( is a technology-driven company and leading provider of enterprise Time and Attendance/Workforce Management solutions. Besides remaining on the cutting-edge of Workforce Management technology and providing robust features and functionality through its true software-as-a-service (SaaS) timekeeping web solution, NOVAtime has extended its solution to mobile devices since late 2011.


NOVAtime’s Native Mobile Applications are available for Apple iOS and Android platforms, presenting a great solution for mobile and remote employees. The iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™ smartphone and tablet devices already offer friendly user interfaces and intuitive apps. Now, these tools become even more productive—employees can enter time and supervisors can manage their workforce—by simply downloading the NOVAtime app! This is an ideal solution for construction businesses, housekeeping services, home health care, and other mobile businesses with small numbers of employees working remotely in various locations. These apps’ intuitive design, powerful timekeeping, and self-service capabilities that enable employees to view their timesheet, work schedules, and accrual hours, make it easier for companies to track labor hours and better manage their mobile employees.



NOVAtimeLive™, recently released at the Microsoft Store in late August, is NOVAtime’s newest mobile app that brings the powerful NOVAtime 4000 Workforce Management solution to the Microsoft Surface tablets and other Windows 8 platform devices for supervisors and system administrators!




NOVAtime is not just a technology-driven company focused on time and attendance, timekeeping, time tracking, and workforce management. Did you know that NOVAtime Technology, Inc. is also a proud humanitarian company? In addition to contributing to business efficiency to help companies better manage their workforce, NOVAtime contributes to community recovery and development by donating to disaster relief funds and local schools. As a gesture of its gratitude, NOVAtime continues to offer aid to the community that has enabled NOVAtime to grow to what it is today. NOVAtime would like to thank all of its customers and partners for their loyal business and support!